Concept vs. Technique

The word “technique” is used frequently in art schools but seldom taught, leaving students with the inability to develop that aspect of their art work. There are an infinite number of techniques that can be learned, all of which demonstrate a different realm of artistic expression.  To me, the word “technique” describes the artist’s individual voice, and serves his or her need to comunicate a specific idea to the viewer. In other words, it is a language developed by the personal aesthetics of each individual artist.

An artistic concept is unattainable without understanding what technique is needed to support that concept.  By the same token, a superb technique can’t exist without adhering to a specific vision. 

My advice to young artists is to look at as much art as possible.  See what is out there.  See what artists inspire you and learn as much about those artists as you can.  I’ve developed my artistic language by studying the works of masters whom I admire and utilizing their techniques to enhance my vision.  I teach many of these techniques to my students as exercises but encourage them to search for their own sources of inspiration.  What I offer in class is technical.  The real concepts come from experiencing life.

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