Reflective Color

Below is a painting of mine which demonstrates the use of reflective color, one of many crucial elements in color composition.  Often students are curious to see how I utilize the exercises that I give in class in my personal work.  Teaching allows me to stop and analyze the very process by which I arrive at a finished work of art.  It forces me to be more aware of the journeys that I undergo in the studio, thus helping me to formulate real step by step approaches to use as exercises in the classroom.  My paintings are a culmination of hundreds of hours of work and they relate very closely to everything that I discuss in this blog.

copy copy 

 “Gypsy Dreamer” David Rivera, 2007

Though it is not really obvious in this reproduction, violet glazes were worked into the shadow masses on the side of the face and nose to reflect the color of the scarf.  This glaze was added in the final stages of the painting, and without it, the painting didn’t have the warm unification of light that I wanted.  It is quite amazing how simple things like that can tie everything together.

4 Responses to Reflective Color

  1. Ariel says:

    Really amazing works, and amazing blog!
    I’m happy of have discovered your blog!
    I’m interested in this kind of indirect techniques
    (I was working with them to, but not so succesfully :))


  2. David Rivera says:

    Thanks Ariel! I’m glad you enjoy the information. I’ve learned many of these techniques by studying masters of the past.

  3. Chuck says:

    man that is intense portrait nice composition.

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