Life And The Studio

For many artists, including myself, organizing the studio can become a little challenging. My studio is a place for creating art, and teaching.  More recently it has become an office (with the addition of a computer) where I write content for my blogs, and create handouts for my classes.  The space isn’t huge, so, I have to find creative ways of utilizing it.  I’ve spent the last several weeks, building shelving units, organizing folders, filling boxes, etc.; stuff that is not terribly interesting, but necessary for a functional working space.

My goal now that it is finally organized is to start a new series of paintings.  I need to seriously buckle down and work, as my ideas are starting to get ahead of me.  In addition to doing a second panel for “Transitions” which I posted on my previous blog, I am hoping to start a series of miniature still life’s, all of which I will post on future blogs.

I’ve been finding it hard to keep up with my blog due to all of my recent projects, and, as I’m sure most artists would agree, time in the studio dominates all aspects of life.  There simply isn’t enough time in the day to paint, let alone do everything else that life demands.  This blog for me, has been a great way to connect with other artist’s and in so doing better formulate my thoughts about art and teaching.  I truly appreciate all of the wonderful commentary I’ve gotten, and look forward to more.

In other news, I am in the final stages of editing my book, which covers much of the same material as my blog, only in more depth.  Again, this has been a great project, as it has helped me to become a better teacher.  My determination to revive the forgotten traditions of art consumes me.  It is unfortunate that these traditions are so scarcely practiced in art schools today, and, as I continue to deepen my knowledge and develop my voice, I hope to eventually open my own school.

Art is something that fulfills my existence every day.  Nature is filled with mystery and beauty, and is an endless subject for inspiration, and interpretation.  As a teacher my goal is to inspire others to look more closely at the world and translate the visual persona of light, shadow, color, proportion, and perspective into well-formed ideals, built upon structured foundations.  Art with integrity is something that should always be cherished.  That is my voice and passion as a teacher and an artist.

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