Creative Plans for the New Year!

I’ve been putting a great deal of thought in how to really push myself this year as both an artist and an effective teacher.  For me, 2010 was the beginning, in a sense, of my journey into a new realm of professional possibilities in the art world.  As a teacher, I have discovered a number of extremely talented artists who are passionate about the old masters and driven to learn as much about their methods as they can.  I have been inspired by these students’ determination and am looking forward to discovering many more in 2011.

My goal for this new year, is to reach a larger, more diverse group of art students through social media marketing.  I will post future workshops and classes on this blog and my website, and I promise to write more content, but above everything else, I promise to paint much more! This blog eventually will operate as a tool to educate students on the methods of the atelier.  Also, I am currently designing a website specifically geared towards promoting the school’s legacy, but also to inform the public of my services, and allow them to register for future classes. All of this is a challenge for me, and going somewhat slow since I’m not very computer savvy.  But I do feel that it is the beginning of something great!

Now I am off to paint!  Happy New Year everyone!

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