Portrait of Jim (Using Value & Color Shapes in the Underpainting to Describe Form)

Hello all,

I’m back with some new content!!! After nearly a two year lapse, I’ve rediscovered my voice through video, and was inspired to post this one of my latest portrait of Jim. This is raw, unedited footage of me explaining my process and the technical endeavors that I encounter in painting. Because I work soo slow, parts have been sped up to show more content. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of painting and drawing videos using this wonderful Nikon camera that I got for my birthday, and, hopefully at some point, I will edit these videos and create a DVD series of step by step procedures that will eventually be available to purchase on my website. A few students of mine encouraged me to do this, and I’m so glad they did as it helps me to become a better teacher! This video shows me working out a portrait in, what I call the “dead color” stage. As this piece develops, my colors will continue to shift with cooler glazes. I highly recommend watching the video in full screen version to observe more of the fine detail. Enjoy and happy painting!

One Response to Portrait of Jim (Using Value & Color Shapes in the Underpainting to Describe Form)

  1. Gordon says:

    David, your art is even more amazing when a little of the magic is revealed via your demonstration of the different phases of development of the piece. I have had the privilege of observing this process many times in the past – I think it’s great that now others can too. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at your now vast knowledge and precise and clear articulation of this subject matter. Just as I forever seek to understand the deep (almost magical) underpinnings of what makes a great song – here you break down for us the underpinnings of your great art.

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