Re-working the Color Nuances with Section Glazing

Although I haven’t fully completed my dead color layer in this painting, I couldn’t resist trying out a section glaze to see how it would modify the existing color. As I explained in my video a few blogs back, I have thus far used only earth colors and eliminated bright blues, violets, yellows and reds. Working this way has resulted in an overall warming of the flesh tones as seen in example A below. With the section glazing, I laid down a vibrant Cobalt Violet as a transparent wash over the cheek and stubble area which immediately shifted the color towards a blue-violet and slightly darkened the values as seen in example B. While the glaze was still wet, I worked back into it adjusting details and color nuances with various pigments including General Rose Madder, Chromatic Blue, Persian Rose and Naples Yellow Red. This method of working back into the wet glaze is referred to as a couch as the additional colors have a tendency to sink into the glaze. Moving forward, I will finish my dead color layer and then continue by working my glazes in sections to achieve accurate color hues and tonalities as seen here. I will post a future video showing the process.


Example A


Example B


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