How to Achieve Finer Nuances of Color with Section Glazes

Please watch this link to see a demonstration where I’m using a variety different colors combined into one glaze.  I use this method often as a finishing layer as it allows me to tone down, brighten or shift my colors.  This is a very easy and enjoyable way to finalize areas in a painting. I’ve tried to pack a lot of information into this short video, but I realize that there is much more that I’d like to cover on this topic. One thing that I didn’t address are the technical aspects of glazing, such as the ratio of medium to pigment, and how the layering effect of a specific color influences another color. I’ve decided to put out a series of video/demos over the next few weeks where I will address each of these topics using both glazing and direct painting techniques as exercises. Enjoy this video and stay tuned for more!  And in the meantime,…happy painting!

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