Listen to Your Inner Voice

I wanted to write a few paragraphs on a topic that I think effects many artists. The topic involves creating art for the sake of art. Creating art period can be a challenge with all of the other demands in life. Too often I get caught up with doing the household chores, walking the dog, making dinner, paying the bills, working my day job, etc, and as a result, my creative artistic energies get drained and inevitably my art production falls to the waste side. I think of these daily obstacles as background noise which can, at times, become excessively loud. The challenge is learning how to synchronize myself to it all.

Another challenge for me is listening to my inner voice. This is the voice that drives my creativity. It is the voice that beckons me to stay true to my artistic vision. It is the honesty in my soul, and the passion in my heart. It is often difficult to hear with the background noise. Sometimes it is heard but ignored.

I know that this can be a common problem for the professional artist interested only in selling his work. Instead of creating art that reflects his soul, an artist will feel the need to paint what he thinks to be a commercially acceptable piece of art. Having done this myself, I’ve discovered that this approach produces mediocre art at best. It is hard to discover greatness in something that doesn’t ignite even a dim spark in my soul. Without the artist’s inspiration behind it, a painting itself is soulless. The process is tedious for the artist and the end result is bland even if the technique is superb.

On the other hand, art that is created in a genuine manner provides a glimpse into the artist’s mind and soul. It is the manifestation of an inspired idea executed through a series of brush strokes. Each mark contributes to the display of the artist’s emotions. The excitement, pain, sadness, or joy that the artist felt in creating the image is then conveyed to the viewer and will touch them on some level. The act of painting is then a heightened experience fueled by desire and passion. This is where greatness in art begins!

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