Portrait Painting Class at AOY

Hello friends and fellow artists,

I would like to invite anyone interested in learning how to create portrait paintings which explore traditional techniques, as well as capturing the true likeness of your sitter to join me at the Artists of Yardley in Yardley PA this spring for my “Capturing a Likeness in Oils” class. I have been painting portraits for the past twenty-five years during which I’ve devised a systematic approach which combines a solid foundational drawing with transparent and opaque paint layering techniques. This valuable information CANNOT be found in a text book!

During this six week class, you will learn how to create a portrait with life-like accuracy using the same methodologies employed by the Old Masters. Part of what makes a beautiful and realistic portrait painting is a thorough understanding of each part beginning with a solid foundational drawing.  The next step is establishing accurate variants of light and dark value tones to reveal the sculptural form and describe the lighting effect. Color is then applied over the tonal depiction in varying degrees of opacity and transparency breathing life into the subject. Developing this type of approach allows the artist to fully work out potential problems in each phase of the painting process.  The emotion, intensity and poetic feeling expressed through the work are derived by the degree to which the artist is able to master each skill. Material preparation, observational drawing, anatomical studies, underpainting and glazing are a few of the lessons which will be covered during this six week class. For more information and to secure your spot go to http://www.artistsofyardley.org and sign up for “Capturing a Likeness in Oils” with visiting artist David Rivera! Below are some examples of my work. Hope to see you in the class!

copy copy

“Gypsy Dreamer”, oil on wood

artwork for portfolio 072

“Passages”, oil on wood


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