2 Dimensional Design (project 7 – surrealistic collage w/ mixed mediums)

Hello students,

Below are instructions and examples for project 7 – surrealistic collage w/ mixed mediums.

”Surrealism” is a style of art which depicts an unusual or impossible scenario by distorting or changing what we perceive as normal. A surrealistic image can evoke a dream-like quality and is often associated with the unconscious mind. It is also a literary style. A few artists who worked in a surrealistic style were Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and Rene Magritte.


By combining mediums of your choice including cut outs, you are to create a surrealistic collage. In so doing, you want to maintain a similar style between the cut outs and your own images, so that there is a seamless quality to the final piece. Ideally the hand drawn or painted images should blend visually with the cut outs. You may add your own marks to a cut out image if necessary to help disguise it.

When creating your image think about which parts you’d like to draw or paint versus which parts you’d like to cut out (does your painting dominate or do your cut outs dominate?). Also put some thought into the various elements of your scene. For example, what space do these images exist in? An interior? A landscape? What is the lighting like? What is the perspective? Thinking about these elements will help give organization and clarity to your images rather than having it appear as a bunch of random cut outs.

Below are a few ideas to help you create this image.

– changing the scale (large objects become small and small objects become large)

– combining two or more environments ( natural elements such as trees or shrubbery in an interior space)

– floating objects, people or things

– juxtaposing negative and positive shapes

– transformations (a figure that is half animal and half human)

– changing the color and/or texture of an object

These are just a few ideas to give you a starting point. There are limitless possibilities for this assignment.

Below are a few examples of artworks done in a surrealistic style.


For this assignment you may use any combination of mediums. You MUST use some cut outs (this could be posters, photographs, other illustrations, etc.) and the remainder is your choice. Any of the following mediums (including combinations) would work:

– charcoal

– pencil

– colored pencil

– watercolor

– ink

– acrylic paint

The image must be created on a 15 x 20 inch hot press illustration board with a 1 inch border.

Due date:

This project will be due on 11/3. Please photograph it and send it to me via email, riverafinearts@gmail.com.

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