Paper Toning

Hello students,

Below is a short video on how to tone your paper using an Acrylic ink and water mixture with a fresco brush. One advantage to toning your own paper is that you can dilute or concentrate your wash to produce a specific value tone. You can also apply several coats to darken the value or modify the color. This should be done in advance of executing the drawing to ensure that the paper is fully dry. An hour should give you plenty of time.

When toning, the first important step is to tape your paper to your board. Make sure it is flat and tightly secured to your board with a quality artists tape. When you first wet it, wrinkles will form, but they will settle as the paper dries.

When using the Canson Mi-Tientes, I prefer to use the smooth side. If you’re not sure which side is smooth or textured, you can check by brushing a small amount of your wash on both sides. The textured side will yield a waffle-like pattern whereas the smooth side will produce a solid, even tone.

Good luck!

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