Secret Techniques of the Old Masters Workshop

I am teaching a “Secret Techniques of the Old Masters” course starting on June 15th and running until August 3rd at the Murdoch art studio and school,, in Bucks County.  If you click on the “spring and summer classes” link on the left of the homepage, you’ll find all the info. I’m looking for some devoted students interested in learning about the traditional approaches in art dating back to the early Renaissance.  Much of what I discuss in this blog is covered in the course.  I begin each lesson with a demo and lecture followed by students working on projects which emulate the same technique of a chosen master artist or artists.  If anyone is interested please contact John Murdoch, or myself,  This school is relatively new, and we are looking for serious-minded art students.

In addition to individual classes, the school also offers an intensive atelier program which places a strong emphasis on drawing from plaster casts and the live model, followed by grisaille painting, and the basics of color. Though the school focuses on techniques which have been passed down from century to century, we encourage artists to find new and innovative ways to practice these techniques.

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