Workshop at Ellarslie

Below is a description posted by one of my students on about a workshop that I taught at the Ellarslie Art Museum in Trenton NJ.  She was a great student, and really seemed to get a lot out of the class.  I’m planning on teaching this workshop again in the fall, winter, and hopefully next summer.  I will post the dates on this blog and my website, when I figure out the schedule.  This class has produced some inspired work from beginner and intermediate artists.  I’m excited to continue meeting other artists who are interested in learning and practicing these traditional techniques in their own work.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with
David Rivera teaching the Secrets of the Old
Masters. Their grissaile method is an
exciting way to prepare an image. The 15th
and 16th century artists produced radiant pieces
of work using limited number of pigments. The
underpainting executed in shade of one color,
usually gray, molds the form and its tonal values
give an illusion of sculptural relief.

Given countless examples of grissaile painters -
from van Eyck's brothers to Vermeer to Ingres,
we were to choose an artist to study and learn
his technique. I have found Andrea del Sarto's
small piece especially graceful and was eager to
see how much I can learn from him.

This new method that stresses good drawing and
tonal values was in direct contrast to my older
'all prima', direct method of painting. Subsequent
color glazes over the underpainting created luminosity
never experienced before. Guided patiently by
Mr. Rivera, we were discovering the genius
of oil paints - their potential to create
really brilliant detail in jewel like colors.

Old Masters have secrets to share for patient
and devoted students. It was really a pleasure
to participate in this inspiring gem of a workshop.
Many thanks to Mr.Rivera and TAWA."

Jadwiga Wroblewska-Jedrzejczyk

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