Mixed Medium Work in Progress

I have recently become fascinated with exploring the labyrinth of detail  which exists in objects small enough for someone to hold in their hand. By narrowing my focus on the intricacies of such objects, I am able to truly appreciate the complex universe that exists within an “ordinary” thing. In my scrutiny, I discover that, what may in fact seem ordinary, is anything but.

The image below is a detail of a work in progress. It was created using a combination of mediums including pencil, ink, colored pencil and pastel on a sheet of vellum paper. This is part of a series which deals with pastries/treats that evoke memories of childhood.

The drawing is a true-to-life-size facsimile of a frosted donut with sprinkles. By rendering my subject in its exact scale, the illusion of every subtle nuance, from the shininess of the chocolate frosting to the cylindrical shape of each sprinkle, becomes more convincing. This is a common practice in the tradition of Trompe L’oeil art. I am, however considering the possibility of an oil series where each image is recreated on a format which is larger-than-life; perhaps large enough to cover a coffee table. What would happen then?! I believe when an ordinary subject is seen on such a scale the mundane becomes sublime, and the subject itself is elevated (literally and figuratively) to something much greater than life. Please stay tuned for updates on this piece and others like it. Also, be sure to check out my new website, http://www.riverafinearts.com to see even more of my artwork.


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