Commissioned Dog Portrait

Hello everyone,

Below is a video copied from my live facebook demo of myself drawing a commissioned dog portrait with charcoal and pastel on black-toned paper. This demo is about an hour long, and shows my process from the first few marks to the beginning of the tonal stage. Colors were then applied to the finished tonal drawing using chalk pastels off camera (photos of the finished result pictured below). Working with pastels this way is a lot like  painting indirectly over a grissaille which I discuss in the video.

I am currently working on putting together a series of online art classes for 2019 and was considering adding a “pastel pet portrait” class to the mix. If you are interested in that or any other topics, please let me know by adding your comments below. All of my online classes can be found on my website, Thanks for your input and enjoy the video!


“Molly” (completed) pastel & charcoal on black-toned paper



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