Combined Studio Portrait Drawing/Painting Class

Hello students and fellow art lovers,

I’m thrilled to now be offering my first portrait drawing/painting mini-course in my newly renovated home studio located at 1 Hidden Turn, Newtown Pa, 18940! Below is a brief description of the course content and a recommended materials list. Additional information can be found at If you are planning to attend this class, please email me at with your contact information. I look forward to seeing you there!

This is a 3 week mini-course which runs from 10 am to noon on Friday, September 20th thru October 11th 2019.  Students attending may choose to develop their drawing or painting skills (or both) using the live portrait model. We will have a single pose for the entire 3 weeks, giving students a total of six hours to render their portraits. During this time, lessons will be given on facial anatomy, mapping out values, layering and blending with charcoal & pencil, underpainting, mixing flesh tones and glazing. Because students will be working in different mediums, I will spend a lot of one-on-one time with each student which is the advantage of a smaller class size.


1.)  Drawing pencils (I recommend the Faber-Castell brand) in the following hardnesses;

(4H, 2H, B, 2B)

2.)  Nitram charcoal sticks (HB, H, B, soft round)

3)  General’s charcoal pencils (2B, 4B)

4.)  Kneaded eraser

5.)  Double sided shaders as pictured below – in assorted sizes

6.)  A small chisel blender paint brush and a soft round paint brush

7.)  Razor blades or x-acto knife

8.)  A sandpaper block as pictured below

9.)  Strathmore Bristol medium texture drawing paper (11 x 14 or larger)

– If you have any questions about the materials or anything else, don’t hesitate to email me at




Jars with lids for mediums
Paper towels or cloth rags
Soap to clean brushes (liquid dish soap works well)
Palette knife (these come in a variety of sizes and shapes; I prefer the 1/2 inch wide metal triangular-shaped ones with the wooden handle)
Art bin or tackle box to hold supplies
Tracing paper (pad or roll)


Titanium White
Naples Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Raw Sienna
Cadmium Red Medium
Transparent Red Oxide
General Rose Madder or Quinacridone Rose
Thalo Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Viridian Green
Cobalt Violet
Raw Umber
Ivory Black

*Note:  Rembrandt, Williamsburg and Old Holland are professional-quality paint brands which I like to use, but somewhat pricey. Windsor & Newton is good choice too and less expansive than the others. Feel free to mix and match brand names.


Rounds # 1, 2, 3, 5
Flats # 3, 5
Filberts (one large, one small)
Liners (at least one # 000 for details)
A soft bristled blending brush, and/or fan brush (watercolor brushes are very soft and can be used with oil paint as well)

*Note:  Loew Cornell and Ebony Splendor are brands which I like, although with brushes it’s more about the feel. I try to select ones where the bristles don’t feel too stiff, yet still hold their shape when touched – particularly if they have a fine tip.  Avoid brushes which look frayed or that seem to have loose bristles.


Cold Pressed linseed oil, Stand oil and turpentine (Windsor & Newton or Gamblin brand)


Pre-primed stretched canvas or wood panels (11 x 14 to 18 x 24 inches)



Above: Newly refurbished studio located at 1 Hidden Turn, Newtown Pa, 18940. If interested in attending a class, please feel free to email me at or call (609) 203-6270. I also offer private lessons. Additional information be found at

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