Reference Images for Online Portrait Drawing I

Hello students,

Below you will find the reference photos for my online portrait drawing class! The first photo is a simplified tonal study of a skull. I would recommend downloading this image and then having a high-quality print made at Staples or Kohl’s to the approximate size of a real skull. Once you have the print, you can lay transparent vellum paper over it, and follow along with my anatomy lessons. The result of those lessons is displayed in the second photo.

The last reference photo can be used as a way of applying the anatomy covered in Lessons 3 and 4 to a real person. In my final two lessons, I explain this process quite thoroughly. Remember, everything that I teach is simply a way of introducing new concepts. Once you have some basic knowledge of facial anatomy and structure, you can apply this to your own drawings in a more intuitive way. This means that, after you have acquired some of the basic knowledge, you DO NOT need to follow a step by step process, but rather, let that knowledge guide your drawing approach. Although some of this may seem anal at first, learning this information can actually help to make the drawing experience more free and exciting.

For anyone who is interested in signing up for my Portrait Drawing I course, you can simply follow this link,
I hope to see you there!


Reference Photo 1.


Reference Photo 2.


Reference Photo 3.



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