2 Dimensional Design (Project 8 – image Transformation)

Hello students,

Below are instructions for project 8 – image transformation.


For this project you are to create a series of images that display a progressive transformation. This progression will show subtle differences from one image to the next (as one would see in a storyboard). In creating this transformation, think about the following:

– transformation of shape

– transformation of value or color

– transformation of texture

– transformation of scale

When creating the images for this project, try to think about objects that bare certain similarities to each other in order to make the transformation more natural. An example of this would be something like the transformation of a leaf into a lollipop. The similarities would be in the shapes (the stem of the leaf transforming into the lollipop stick and the leaf itself transforming into the lollipop circle). With this option however, there would still be plenty of differences such as the scale, color, texture, symmetry, etc. Because the transformation needs to happen gradually, I would recommend a series of no less than 5 images.

The images may be arranged on the board in any way you like, provided that it reads like a storyboard from left to right or top to bottom. I would strongly recommend positioning your starting image and finishing image first and then decide on the phases in between. I would also recommend working this project out in a sketch book first to decide exactly how you would like to show your transformation.


As with the last project you may use any medium or combination of mediums you wish. The images should however display some degree of color.

The images should be created on a 15 x 20 inch hot press illustration board.

Due date:

This project will be due on 11/12. Once complete please photograph it and send it to riverafinearts@gmail.com for a grade submission.

Good luck!


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