2 Dimensional Design (project 9 – pointillism with primary colors)

Hi students,

Below are instructions along with a brief video demonstration for project 8 (pointillism with primary colors).

Pointillism is a style of painting (also referred to as Post-Impressionism) that uses a series of small dots in various color arrangements to explore optical color effects. The logic behind this painting style, is that each color is isolated visually, therefore it’s brilliance and purity is untainted by other color mixtures. The impressionists attempted to simulate the filtration of light by using small dashes of color. The pointillists took that approach one step further, which resulted in a splendor of optical color effects.


Using a palette of primary colors, you are to create an image that displays an arrangement of at least 2 secondary and/or tertiary colors. The image is to be created in a pointillist style. In addition to your secondary and tertiary colors, you may choose to have other colors present. Below is a list of color choices and variations that may be used.

Primaries (red, yellow, blue)

Secondaries (green, purple, orange)

Tertiaries (variations of secondary colors such as red-orange, yellow-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, yellow-green, blue-green)

Neutrals (neutral colors can be created by combining all 3 primary colors equally or 2 complimentary colors such as red & green, blue & orange or yellow & purple)

All color effects are to be created optically using the 3 primaries in specific arrangements as described above. Below is a short video demonstration of this technique.


Fine tip colored markers or pens


Acrylic paint

15 x 20 inch hot press illustration board

Tips: if using paint for this project, you may use the back of a brush handle or other narrow, rigid tool to apply your marks to the board

The image should be no smaller than 5 x 7 inches or up to 11 x 14 inches. The image should be centered within your board.

You may use any reference material you like for this project.

Due date:

This project will be due on Tuesday, 11/23

Below are some examples.

Good luck!

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