2 Dimensional Design (project 1) – Line Unity, Unity w/ Variety & Variety

Hello students,

Below are instructions for project 1 (line unity, unity w/ variety & variety).

For this project you are to draw out three equally proportioned squares measuring no smaller than 3 x 3 inches on your 11 x 14 inch Bristol paper. We will discuss all formats for positioning these squares on your paper in class tomorrow. Please be sure you are measuring for accuracy!

You will be creating a different non-representational (abstract) linear composition in each square using the following formats:

1.) Line Unity

All lines should be of equal width & length, have a consistency of direction and equally spaced. With this format, you may choose to use vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. Your choices are quite limited, particularly if using horizontal or vertical lines, however, if using diagonals, you have the option of varying the direction provided that the lengths and widths are consistent as seen in the examples below. We will discuss additional formats in class. This format lends itself well to geometric pattern.

Below are a couple of examples of line unity.

2.) Line Unity w/ Variety

With this format, there will be a general, dominant pattern to the direction of your lines. You can vary the spacing, width and length. You may also altar the direction of a few lines to add variety provided that there is a dominant direction to most of the lines within the composition. The idea here is to create unity with variety. Below are a few examples.

3.) Line Variety

This format provides an opportunity to vary every line in as many ways possible. You can use broken lines, dotted lines, diagonal lines, wavy lines, thick lines, thin lines, etc. The possibilities for this are endless! Below are some examples.

For each composition you want to be sure that you are not leaving a lot of negative space. The dominant aspect of these designs are lines, so they should fill up the space. Think about an 80% line to 20% negative space ratio.

I would encourage you to work out your ideas in a sketch book first. There are many possibilities for this assignment, so try drawing out several renditions for each composition – think of your sketch book as a visual journal. Once you have an idea of your designs, carefully measure out your 3 boxes on your Bristol paper and draw your designs in pencil first. After you have everything drawn out, you can reinforce your lines with the black ink Micron pens.

Materials needed:

Strathmore smooth Bristol paper

Micron black ink pens (sizes .01, .03)


Ruler or T-square

Due date:

This project will be due on Tuesday, 9/15

Good luck!

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