Project 4 (5 Value Painting)

Hello students,

For project 4 you are to create a non-representational design using 5 values. You will mix your values with black and white acrylic paint. The straight black and white paint will be used as 2 of the 5 values. Your remaining three values should be mixed and display equal contrasts between one another. To get started, think about mixing up percentages of white to black. If you are starting with 100% white for example, then the next darkest value should be a mixture of 75% white to 25% black, followed by a mixture of 50% white to 50% black, etc. This is only a starting point to give you a base, however it is important to visually gauge these value differences. Percentages don’t always work because the black tends to dominate the white. For pointers on how to mix your values, please see the video below.

For this design you will be using a series of non-representational shapes – these can be geometric or organic. Each shape will have a designated value and you want to use all 5 values equally within your composition. For any white areas, you must use white paint! Don’t leave areas blank except for your borders.


Your design will be executed on a 15 x 20 inch hot press illustration board.

You will measure out a 1 inch border on all 4 sides of your board. The design will be contained within these borders.

You will be mixing your values with Mars Black and Titanium White Acrylic paint.

The design should include shapes of varying sizes. Think variety.

Each shape should be a solid value and all values should be equally balanced within the composition.

Due date:

This assignment will be due on 10/6 at 4 pm.

Good luck!

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